May 29

Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl – Short Skirt Pics!

Krissy4u - Red Top, Short Skirt! Krissy4u - Red Top, Short Skirt!

Hiya Guys :)

Well, if you follow my Twitter or are a Member of my site, Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl, you’ll know that I recently got into a car accident and so I’ve been kind of resting up lately. Never fear… I’m OK and so is the other driver but my poor little car is pretty beat up. Just for future reference, if you’re ever thinking about going up against a Ford 150 with a Toyota Tercel… don’t. My car is almost totaled and the Ford barely had a scratch! Anyway, so that was fun and exciting.

Luckily I had a few shoots stored up before the accident so updates to my site won’t be delayed. That is to say, the site will still be updated weekly. I’m a couple of days late this week but all the updates are now live on the site as of today. Anyway, I’ll get back to doing so regular updates here now that things are returning to normal… the good news is that now I get to go car shopping :) so that should be a lot of fun! I hope everyone is doing better than I am at the moment!


Krissy4u - Red Top, Short Skirt! Krissy4u - Red Top, Short Skirt!

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  1. fuzz fx

    i hope you´re well precious girl! kisses.

  2. Jimi

    Krissy my love, I am so sad to hear about your car but as long as you are ok is all that matters. I love this post and would be so honored to be in the room next time and give your clitty all the attention it is asking for. LKisses my sweet angel, be safe and hope the car hunting goes well.

  3. Josepg

    sorry to hear about the car wreck. I hope you were not at fault in the accident. I have to ask a burning question though: Were you dressed up when you got in the wreck? My mind is racing all over and i;m a little ashamed to admit that I am turned on by the idea. Sorry.

  4. paulina

    i love your silky legs my dear, how i would love to kiss them all night…

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